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Blood Omen 2 Technical Information (Overview)

article by Ben Lincoln


This article was part of the content on the original (pre-2007) version of The Lost Worlds. I found it while looking around for things to post on the 10th anniversary of the site in 2012. It is presented here for historical interest, and has not been audited for 100% accuracy.

This particular article was last updated on 26 April, 2003.

Blood Omen 2 uses a very different engine than that of the Soul Reaver games. To be specific, it is based on Mad Dash Racing, a Crystal Dynamics title for the XBox. There appear to still be significant traces of its origins, such as a mention of up to four-player mode (thanks to Sade Lyrate for the tip on this).

Like Soul Reaver 2, the Playstation 2 version of Blood Omen 2 uses Sony ADPCM compression for the sound effects and dialogue. These can be extracted using PSound and SoundReaver 2.

The music for the PS2 version is stored in a module/tracker-style format, and cannot be extracted using known tools.

The PC version of this game uses Ogg Vorbis compression for the sound effects, dialogue, and music. It can be extracted using Project X.

Many important game variables can be altered by editing the game.erg file for the PC version of the game (and the PS2 version, if you have access to a development station).

Divine Shadow has written an excellent tutorial on this subject [ which was unfortunately lost when EZBoards was absorbed by Yuku. ]. You can use Blood Omen 2 Control Station to modify this file.

Like for the first Soul Reaver game (see Soul Reaver Technical Information (Overview)), I have compiled a list of all the areas for Blood Omen 2 (including those missing in the sequences), which is available at the bottom of this page.

File Size Version Release Date Author
Blood Omen 2 Area List 11 KiB 1.0 2002-06-08 Ben Lincoln
This includes Microsoft Excel and HTML versions of the area list I compiled back in 2002.
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