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You can use this form to contact me (Ben Lincoln).

I don't have my email address posted here anymore because I was getting too much spam. Please note that my email address has also changed - the old benlincoln@speakeasy.net mailbox was retired when I cancelled my Speakeasy service.

If you haven't read the FAQ already, please do as there's a good chance that your question is answered there.

Please don't be offended if you don't get a response (at least right away). If you don't receive a response, your question is probably answered in the FAQ.

Also, please understand that although I've included answers to the most common questions about the storyline in the FAQ, I don't have any special insight into that aspect of the series. If you have a question along the lines of "how did Raziel enter the Reaver the first time?" or "is Nosgoth a country or a planet?" you would be much better off asking it in one of the forums linked in the Other Sites section.

If you would like a reply, please be sure to include a valid from: address.

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