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Codes (Playstation 2 Cheat Device)

article by Ben Lincoln, codes by Warpsavant, Andrew Fradley, and Ben Lincoln


This is the main Playstation 2 cheat device article for Soul Reaver 2. The appropriate Master Codes on this page must be used with any of the other cheat device codes.

The other codes on this page are a mix of those created by Datel/Interact and additional effects made possible by Warpsavant and later Andrew Fradley. Only versions for the Action Replay/GameShark 2 devices are listed here. To use them with other devices, they must be converted using kpdavatar's code converter.

Additional codes are available at GigaSlave's site.

As with any cheat device codes, please be aware that using these can result in problems with gameplay. Do not save your game unless you're willing to accept the potential consequence of having to start over from the beginning.

Air Forge Demo (PS2 - NTSC) Author: Ben Lincoln
Effect Code(s)
Master Code (must be on) EC8F5134 1442F14C
Air Forge Demo (PS2 - PAL) Author: Ben Lincoln
Effect Code(s)
Master Code (must be on) EC904804 144187DC
Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 - NTSC) Author: Datel and Warpsavant
Effect Code(s)
Master Code (must be on) EC8D0628 1440C244
Hold X to Fly 0CB14DE8 1456700C
  1CB153B0 D6FFC020
Ghostly Raziel 1CB15280 1456DDA5
Giant Raziel 1CB15018 21F6E7A5
  1CB1501C 21F6E7A5
  1CB15020 21F6E7A5
High-pitched voices 1CB63678 21E6E7A5
Matrix jump 1D6CC338 1456E7A8
Tiny Raziel 1 1CB15018 2196E7A5
  1CB1501C 2196E7A5
  1CB15020 2196E7A5
Tiny Raziel 2 1CB15018 22B6E7A5
  1CB1501C 22B6E7A5
  1CB15020 22B6E7A5
Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 - NTSC) Author: Warpsavant
Effect Code(s)
Disable Cinematics 1CB63DFC 1456AA11
Display Camera Unit 1CB63DF8 1456D001
Press R2 to display location 4CB63DFC 1456D0A7
Display Target Rvr B 4CB39F9F 00000000
Invincible While Autofacing 1C8BC320 3854E785
L3 = Turn Invincibility Off 0CB14DE8 1456B010
  4CB63DFC 1456DFA5
R3 = Turn Invincibility On 0CB14DE8 1456B00A
  4CB63DFC 1456E7A5
Health Level = Air Forge complete 3CB90046 28AC8888
Health Level = Air Forge + Some 3CB90046 28AC9999
Health Level = Dark Forge complete 3CB90046 28ACAAAA
Health Level = Dark Forge + Some 3CB90046 28ACBBBB
Health Level = Light Forge complete 3CB90046 28AC6666
Health Level = Light Forge + Some 3CB90046 28AC7777
Reaver Feeding Fills Up Health 1C845ACC 105A4F4B
Super-Small Health Coil 4CB90047 1456A5E7
Invincible after consuming a soul 0CB90054 14566945
  4CB63DFC 1456E7A5
Reaver Doesn't Suck Souls 3CB63CAC 1456E7D6
L1 + D-pad Down for Air Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456AC4C
  4CB39F90 145627A5
L1 + D-pad Up for Dark Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456ACFC
  4CB39F90 1456D7A5
R1 + R2 for Earth Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456BA0C
  1CB39F90 1454E7A5
L1 + D-pad Left for Fire Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456AC8C
  4CB39F90 145667A5
L1 + D-pad Right for Light Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456ACEC
  4CB39F90 145607A5
L2 + R2 for Material Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456B30C
  4CB39F90 1456DFA5
L1 + Down for original Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456AC4C
  4CB39F90 1456E7A5
Pink Reaver 4CB39F90 145655A5
Purple Reaver 4CB39F90 1456D9A5
L2 + R1 for Spectral Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456B90C
  4CB39F90 1456EBA5
L1 + R1 for Spirit Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456B40C
  1CB39F90 145AE7A5
L1 + L2 for Water Reaver 0CB14DE8 1456AD0C
  1CB39F90 1455E7A5
Auto Face Toggle Mode 3CB39F98 1456E7A7
Constant Blast Rings 1C845868 1456E7A5
No Blast Rings 1C8458A4 1456E7A5
"Strange Blast Rings" 1C8458fC 1456E7A5
Dancing Health Coil 3CB90047 1456A5E7
Dark Reaver Shots Are Deadly 1C89E3A4 1453CDA5
"F***ed up Looking Raziel" 1C81FBE0 3854E7A5
L2 + Circle = "Funky Ass Coil Animation" 0CB14DE8 1456910C
  3CB90046 00000000
Ghost Camera 1CB63DF8 1455E7A5
Grapple Attack 1C8E1B78 1454D625
Invisibility Effect 4CB153E0 1456B00B
"LoK on Spank Mode" 1CB63678 2156E7A5
Can't Swim or Climb 1CB39FC0 0000EF19
Reaver Behaves Differently 1C84564C 1456E7A5
Reaver Excited 1 1C8452C8 1456E7A5
Reaver Excited 2 1C8452C8 1456e7a5
  1C8452D0 1456e7a5
Reaver Kills With One Hit 1C84527C 1456E7A5
Reaver Kills With One Hit (Alt) 1C845354 1456E7A5
Reaver Meter Rises Faster 1C845AB0 5A32E7E5
Red Light Spirit Reaver 1C845254 1453CEA5
Shift-at-Will 3CB39F8C 1456E70C
Soul Reaver Imbue Effect 1C845508 1456E7A5
Sunny Health Coil 1CB90050 1456FFA5
Super Light Reaver 1C84526C 1454D6A5
Swim Velocity 1CB153C0 D8DFE7A5
Underwater with the Reaver 1C845308 1456E7A5
  1C845310 1456E7A5
Wraith Blade Sucks Blood 1C845110 1456E7A5
Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 - PAL) Author: Ben Lincoln
Effect Code(s)
Master Code (must be on) EC8D0E70 1440B11C
Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 - PAL) Author: Andrew Fradley
Effect Code(s)
Reaver Feeding Fills up Health 1C84635C 1057DA71
Cast Spell (not a subtle effect) 0C978328 1456B70C
  1C8F3C8C 1058D51D
  0C978328 1455B70C
  1C8F3C8C 10580141
Dark Reaver Shots are Deadly 1C89E8AC 1453CDA5
Elemental Claw 1C90BB6C 1058D51D
Invisibility Effect (Press R1) 0CB16EE8 1456B80C
  1CB174E0 14FFC0A6
  0C1B6EE8 1456B00C
  1CB174E0 1456B8A5
Reaver Excited 1C845B48 1456E7A5
  1C845B50 1456E7A5
Blue and Red Reaver Light 1C8458D4 1453CEA5
Reaver Meter Rises Quickly 1C846338 1456E7A5
  1C846350 1456E7A5
  1C846368 1456E7A5
Red Hue 1C8463E0 90D4E7A5
Shift With Any Health 1C8BE024 0456E7B5
  1C8BE104 14D6CFC6
  1C8BE118 1496CFC6
Sink in Water With Reaver On 1C845888 1456E7A5
  1C845890 1456E7A5
Soul Reaver Imbue Effect 1C845A88 1456E7A5
Super Light Reaver 1C8458EC 1454D6A5
Walk Fast in Swamp 1C8B1A00 3854E7A5
Wraith Blade Sucks Blood 1C845690 1456E7A5
Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 - PAL) Author: Datel and Andrew Fradley
Effect Code(s)
Invincible 1CB65EFC 1456E7A5
Hold X to Fly 0CB16EE8 1456700C
  1CB174B0 D6FFC020
First Four Guards are Ghostly 1CBFDA00 1456E7A5
  1CB21FF0 1456E7A5
  1CBFDE70 1456E7A5
  1CBFE3E0 1456E7A5
Ghostly Raziel 1CB17780 145607A5
Giant Raziel 1CB17518 21F6E7A5
  1CB1751C 21F6E7A5
  1CB17520 21F6E7A5
High-Pitched Voices 1CB65B78 21E6E7A5
Midget Raziel 1CB17518 2156E7A5
  1CB1751C 2156E7A5
  1CB17520 2156E7A5
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