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Locate the Female Vampire in Soul Reaver 2

article by GigaSlave


Cheat device method:

To find the hidden female vampire you'll first need a cheat device and the fly code. It'll also be easier if you have a saved game at the FIRST save point.

Load the game using the cheat code to enable flying and load your saved game. Fight your way up to the room where you run up the stairs to the bridge to enter the room that holds the gate before the pillars.

Pay close attention, just after you cross the bridge, to the wall on the left. If you follow this wall, you will make a U-turn. At the end of this rock, where the U-turn bends, the vampire stands.

You'll want to kill all of the crusaders in this room, then go to the rock where you made the U-turn. Fly and land on the top of it. Now run to the end toward the wall. When you get to the wall, turn so that Raziel is facing the edge toward the open room. Turn the camera so that it is behind the wall, behind Raziel.

Now comes the tricky part. Tap down when you first push X, and fly towards the wall. You will go through the wall, and if you tapped down then Raziel will still be facing in the right direction. Once Raziel is through the wall, let go of X so that he falls below the rock that he was just standing on. now hold forward and repeatedly push X.

If you fly too far backwards or too far to the right, you will hit the wall with the waterfall next to the bridge at the entrence. In this case, just fly up to the ledge where you enter the room (it'll be the only visible part).

If you fly to high, you will hit the wall which Raziel was standing on and will start sliding. In this case, hold X and fly higher than the ledge, then release X to land on the ledge to start over.

You will be able to see the hidden female vampire when you first drop lower than the rock when you first jump off. If you do it correctly and fly perfectly into the rock, you can get up close to the vampire, but because there is no ground, you will have to position Raz so that the cam is close to the vampire and pause to be able to study her.

No Cheat Device Method:

There is a way, however, to see the hidden vampiress without using codes. Have you ever noticed that when you aim the Force Projectile while standing against a wall the camera goes through the wall? Well, it does.

Fight your way to the big bridge with the cannon-armed warrior, and kill him. Stand at the edge of the big bridge as if you were going to continue.

Look at the left wall. There will be a Sarafan flag with some dead vapires underneath it. Beyond that flag, still on the left wall, is a lone dead vampire lying on the ground with six stakes stuck in him. You can stand anywhere between the lone dead vampire and the Sarafan flag against the wall.

Now, while standing against the wall with Raziel's left shoulder touching the wall (facing as though you just got off of the bridge), aim the Force Projectile and turn to shoot the projectile to Raziel's right. The camera will go through the wall revealing the hidden vampiress.

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