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Placing the Soul Reaver in Avernus

article by Ben Lincoln


No official concept art or screenshots of this Defiance deleted material have been released. If you wish to contribute your own artwork depicting it, please send a copy in PNG or JPG format to fanart@thelostworlds.net.

Having saved Nosgoth together from the influence of The Elder God, Kain and Raziel would have parted ways - in a sense. In a sequence which was ultimately cut from Defiance, Kain would have completed the unending circle of Raziel's fate by returning the newly-created Soul Reaver weapon to Avernus Cathedral for his younger self to find.

It is not currently known at which point in the original storyline this event would have taken place, although it seems reasonable to assume that it would have occurred after the final battle with The Elder God (see A Return to the Soul Reaver Era). It is also possible that Kain would have delivered the blade before travelling into the future, with this sequence being removed along with the Avernus Cathedral Deleted Areas.

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