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Deleted Pillar Reaver Upgrades

article by Ben Lincoln


No official concept art or screenshots of this Defiance deleted material have been released. If you wish to contribute your own artwork depicting it, please send a copy in PNG or JPG format to fanart@thelostworlds.net.

Although two of them are obfuscated in the retail game, the enhancements which Kain obtains for the Reaver are named for four of The Pillars of Nosgoth: Conflict (Flame), Energy (Lightning), Dimension, and Time (Conflict and Energy are named as such in The Debug Menu). It is known that early designs for the game included additional upgrades for him to obtain, and it is therefore believed that these upgrades would have taken the form of the remaining five Pillars. With the possible exception of Balance - as the entire emblem he assembles from the upgrade items is referred to as representing that Pillar - States, Nature, Death, and Mind remain.

It seems likely that these items would have been obtained in the Avernus Cathedral Deleted Areas and in the Soul Reaver future era (see A Return to the Soul Reaver Era). However, no information has been made available regarding the specifics of the deleted Reaver enhancements.

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