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This Dust Remembers What It Once Was, and Contact Page Woes

Soul Reaver turns 20 this month. Happy birthday to my favourite videogame :).

Last night I released an "alpha 2" version of This Dust Remembers What It Once Was (a reverse-engineering toolchain for PlayStation games) over at my personal website. It was originally written just to support decompiling various prototype versions of Soul Reaver using the NSA'a amazing tool Ghidra, but it should work to some extent with any PlayStation title, and if you have a build that includes the PsyQ .SYM file for the binary, you'll typically get back a pretty amazing reconstruction of the source code from Ghidra.

I'll be working on some new material based on the ability to decompile Soul Reaver, but it's most likely going to take awhile. If you have reverse-engineering experience and would like to be involved, please get in touch.

Speaking of which, I recently discovered that my hosting provider had basically broken the ability of my Contact page to reliably send emails to me, and they're not interested in fixing it. If you've tried to send me a message via that page in the last 6-12 months, there's a good chance I never saw it. As a workaround until I find a new provider, please use the social media contact information on the Contact page and I can send you my personal email address that way if necessary.

We've still got more fun stuff in store from those prototypes as well. More on that later.

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