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Original Level Order

article by Ben Lincoln


Early versions of Soul Reaver used the following sequence of major events for the game's arc:

  1. Raziel defeats Melchiah and obtains the phase-through ability
  2. Raziel defeats Zephon and obtains the wall-crawling ability
  3. Raziel fights Kain for the first time and obtains the Soul Reaver
  4. Raziel defeats Rahab and obtains the ability to swim
  5. Raziel defeats Dumah and earns the constrict ability
  6. Raziel enters the Oracle's Cave to the north of Dumah's territory, fights Kain a second time, and obtains the Shift-at-Will ability
  7. Raziel defeats the Priestess and obtains the Possession ability
  8. Raziel defeats Turel and obtains the Amplified Force Projectile ability
  9. Raziel activates Turel's smokestack and ascends to The Mountain Retreat
  10. Raziel defeats Kain during their third battle
  11. Raziel ascends to the top of the Silenced Cathedral and uses it to destroy every vampire in Nosgoth

The Silenced Cathedral is a challenging area even with the Soul Reaver, so the order of the second and third events was probably swapped to make the game less frustrating.

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