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This section consists of frequently-asked questions and their answers. It is a good place to look before using the Contact form.


Your article about Kain returning the Soul Reaver to Avernus is wrong.
I do not know the specifics of how the events described in that article would have been integrated with the storyline of Blood Omen, but its description came from one of the key players on the Defiance team. Moebius is never actually shown placing the Soul Reaver in Avernus. Furthermore, as this scene was deleted from Defiance, it may not even take place in a hypothetical future game.

Future Games in the Series

Did Amy Hennig really leave Crystal Dynamics?
Yes, Amy left Crystal shortly before Defiance shipped for the PS2 and Xbox in order to take a job as a game director at Naughty Dog (the developer of the Jak series). She worked extensively on Jak 3. Later in 2004, Richard Lemarchand and Jen Fernández also left the company. Richard works at Naughty Dog now, and Jen has moved on to non-gaming-related work.
Will there be another game after Defiance?
Crystal Dynamics had plans for a sixth game the last I spoke with anyone there. However, they have been silent for some time since. Between Defiance's release and the present, Amy Hennig, Richard Lemarchand, and Jen Fernández have all left the company. Eidos announced that the sales of Defiance did not meet their expectations (despite selling hundreds of thousands of copies). Eidos was also purchased by a larger company (SCi). While it is certainly possible there will be another game, it seems less likely now than in the past. Writing to Crystal Dynamics can't hurt.
...but you must know something, right? You're just not saying?
No, I really don't know anything. Almost everyone I knew at Crystal Dynamics is gone, and they never told me about things like that anyway. Even when I visited Crystal Dynamics, I wasn't shown any secrets, just Raziel running through a test room. I saw the first screenshots of Defiance at the same time as every other fan - they were released to the press.
Will there be a Soul Reaver 3 or Blood Omen 3?
Defiance is Soul Reaver 3. During its production, it was decided to refocus the series into one line of games, not have two separate lines for Kain and Raziel. It is therefore unlikely that there will be a "Blood Omen 3" even if there are other Kain games made.
What can I do to support another Kain game?
You can write a letter (on paper, not an email) to Crystal Dynamics letting them know how much you'd like one. Their mailing address is
Crystal Dynamics
Attention: Chris Bruno (or) Legacy of Kain Series Team
1300 Seaport Blvd. Suite 100
Redwood City, CA
You should also buy any officially-released merchandise.
I started a petition to release another Kain game, will you sign it/post a link?
Online petitions carry very little weight in the business world. If you want to support any type of future game, please consider writing a letter to Crystal Dynamics instead.


Where can I get a real sword like the Soul Reaver?
Currently, the only way to obtain a proper Reaver replica is to make it yourself, or have one custom made by a smith. Kit Rae designed a licensed replica for United Cutlery, but UC went bankrupt before it reached production. There have been several unlicensed swords released, but they are of very poor quality and only vaguely resemble the Reaver.
What happened to the soundtracks?
They're on the Soundtracks page.

Pirated Software

Isn't Blood Omen abandonware now?
No. "Abandonware" is a fictional term that has no legal basis. Blood Omen will be freely distributable in about half a century, or if Eidos decides to release it for free.
I am having trouble with my pirated version of one of the games, can you help me?
No, sorry, you will need to get a legitimate copy. The Russian bootleg version of Defiance in particular does not work correctly.
Can you help me find a no CD patch/some other thing to help pirate one of the games?
No, sorry, you will need to get a legitimate copy. If you like the series enough to play it, you should be willing to spend the minimal amount of money it costs to buy the games.

Remakes of Previous Games

Is there any chance that Eidos will release an updated Blood Omen for modern consoles?
It is very unlikely there will ever be a remake of Blood Omen.
Is there ever going to make a version of Soul Reaver with all of the deleted material?
Crystal Dynamics' position has always been that they'd rather make new games than revisit old ones. It is unlikely there will ever be a remake of Soul Reaver.
I started a petition to remake one of the games, will you sign it/post a link?
Online petitions carry very little weight in the business world. If you want to support any type of future game, please consider writing a letter to Crystal Dynamics instead.


How can Vorador be in Blood Omen 2? Didn't he die in Blood Omen?
Yes, Vorador died in Blood Omen (and Defiance). His return in Blood Omen 2 has not yet been explained yet, although it may be in a future game.
I have a question about the storyline of the series, or the fictional world in which it takes place.
I do not have any special insight or information into this aspect of the series. You would be much better off asking it in one of the forums linked in the Other Sites section.

The Lost Worlds

Why am I getting a warning message when I download files?
Please see the Download Policy.
Why are all of your downloads zipped? It doesn't compress audio or video files!
It's one of the ways that the download system helps ensure that the audio and video files are downloaded and watched, rather than being streamed repeatedly.
The navigation bar on the left is hard to read.
This is intentional. Please turn on Javascript in your browser. The section names become readable when the cursor is over them.
Why do I see a message about enabling Javascript on every page?
You have Javascript disabled in your browser. If you turn it on, the messages will disappear and the site will look much nicer.
How do I play Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg) files?
Most popular audio playing programs support it already, with the notable exception of iTunes. You can visit xiph.org for links to players and codec packages (including one for iTunes). I personally use foobar2000.
How often do you update the site? Why haven't there been any updates in the last month?
The Lost Worlds is one of many hobby projects of mine. I also work full time in IT. I update the site when I have time.
How do I play the video files?
The files are encoded using DivX. ffdshow is an excellent, free codec which allows most video playing software to open DivX files. I personally recommend Media Player Classic.
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