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The Library is an online representation of all of the official series-related material that went into making The Lost Worlds, as well as articles about rare merchandise. It is divided into two sections - Special Exhibits, and The Archives.

Special Exhibits are articles which detail a particular item. These are often unique or at least unusual, but may also be a piece of merchandise that fans of the series would like to see a review of before buying for themselves.

The Archives are brief entries which record everything in The Lost Worlds Library. They may be something as simple as a back-issue of a magazine which contains an ad for Soul Reaver, or a coverdisc which contains a demo of Blood Omen. The Archives are organized with all items of a particular class (such as issues of Official Dreamcast Magazine) on a single page.

Defiance and Soul Reaver 2 can still generally be found for sale new, at least in the United States. However, given the age of most of the items in The Library, it is unlikely that the rest can be found anywhere other than online auction sites such as eBay. If an item is available from another source, it will be noted.

None of the items in The Archives are available for sale or trade.

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