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The Seer

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[ Concept art ]
Concept art



The image shows us what appears to be a female Hylden staring pensively. The character has a pale pink complexion which darkens around her nose, eyes and cranial ridges. She has misty-coloured eyes with white or dark grey pupils, with eyebrows similar to reptilian-like scales. She has pointed ears, similar to those seen on the Ancients and mature human-form vampires. From behind her ridges, a flow of material folds onto her chest, it is unclear if this is hair or some form of dark headdress. The protrusions coming from her back seem somewhat reminiscent of bat-like wings.

[ Annotated concept art ]
Annotated concept art


Story Speculation - Is this the Seer?

The presented female Hylden has significant similarities to the Seer, the mysterious and apparently benevolent figure that aided Kain in Blood Omen 2. Both have the same pale pink complexion, white irises, human-like facial features, long hair, mammary glands and tall back protrusions. The only distinction between the two characters is the differing arrangement of cranial ridges: the Seer's ridges curve around her scalp, whereas the Hylden in this concept piece has a crown of ridges that dominate her skull.

[ The Seer in Blood Omen 2 ]
The Seer in Blood Omen 2


There are number of arguments we can explore that suggest this character could indeed be the Seer. If these ideas have merit, then perhaps the differences in cranial ridges could be the result of a different artistic interpretation of the character, or even the consequence of some form of physical change or evolution undergone by the Seer in between her appearances in Blood Omen 2 and The Dark Prophecy. We have after all seen other long-lived creatures of Nosgoth undergo dramatic physical changes, such as the radiant electric body of Dejoule the Energist, and the supposed "evolution" of Kain's Lieutenants. In comparison to the more dramatic metamorphoses seen elsewhere, the Seer's shift in cranial ridge formation seems relatively pedestrian.

Consider that there is indeed a "Dark Prophecy", a dark prediction of the future that is so pivotal to the story it becomes the title of the game. The Seer is the only known active prophet who exists in this era, making her the logical suspect to deliver it If we recall some of her interaction with Kain in Blood Omen 2, we can see that her appearance in this era would make a great deal of narrative sense:

The Seer: Be gone, Dark One. I did not send for you.

Kain: And yet, here I am.

The Seer: So I see. Kain, the disruptor, the pebble in the pond who destroys all he touches.

Kain: You know me, woman?

The Seer: Better than you know yourself.

Blood Omen 2, Chapter 7: The Canyons

The Seer's appearance in The Dark Prophecy would certainly begin to explain some of her more cryptic statements, especially the "Better than you know yourself" declaration. The comment appears to confirm that she knows more about Kain's importance than he himself does, and could strongly suggest that she has encountered the elder Kain some point in her own past. Her "pebble in the pond" metaphor also relates to the elder Kain's "You and I are pebbles, Raziel, and have even less hope of disrupting the time-stream" metaphor, suggesting she shares his nuanced view of time and time travel.

Consider then the combination of evidence: Concept artwork that strongly resembles the Seer; The certainty of a prophecy being central to The Dark Prophecy's story; and dialogue in Blood Omen 2 confirming that further encounters with this character are almost certainly a narrative inevitability. The appearance of the Seer in the cancelled game begins to sound increasingly probable.

Story Speculation - Did the Seer somehow survive the Binding?

The character's sole appearance in Blood Omen 2 was extremely cryptic, and provided no explanation regarding her origins or intentions. It is evident that Vorador knows of her, and considers her to be an ally to his cause. He dispatches Kain through the hostile canyons outside of the city of Meridan, where he eventually comes upon her residence in a humble wooden shack. Following some foreboding dialogue, the Seer offers her blood to Kain to enhance him with telekinesis. When the Hylden General arrives, she uses her power to transport Kain away from her, sending him a considerable distance into the centre of Meridian.

In her appearance in Blood Omen 2 and The Dark Prophecy concept piece, the Seer appears to be a female Hylden who has been somehow spared the rigours of the Demon Dimension. Recall the disembodied Hylden in Defiance describing the horrors of their captivity:

The Hylden: You are still fair of form, vampire. That will go first. This realm will render you hideous. You will go mad and will not know it.

Kain: What is this place?

The Hylden: Do you not think of this place every day, vampire, or are we truly forgotten? This is the exile, into which we were driven!


The Hylden General also describes the corrosive effect of their imprisonment, in Defiance to the righteous Janos Audron's condemnations.

Janos Audron: But not for you, Hylden, who has dared to set a corrupting foot upon this world after your banishment. Return to the Demon Dimension in which you belong!

Sarafan Lord/Hylden General: And by what right, cursed one, did you send my kind to that place of evil?

Janos Audron: By what right did you lay on us the curse that drove us from the light, and made us predators of humankind?!

Sarafan Lord/Hylden General: It was justice for our banishment from the world. You see what it has made of our once fair race!

Blood Omen 2

The post-banishment Hylden that we see in Blood Omen 2 are monstrous creatures, each trapped in a gaunt body identical to its peers with no individual traits setting them apart. Their empty eye sockets burn with the green flames of the Demon Dimension, while their faces and muscles seem atrophied. In combat, they make unpleasant and strained wheezing noises during sweeping movements. In conversation and dialogue, the race seems to have entirely lost the concepts of empathy and emotional depth, suggesting that the millennia of exile and torture forced upon them by the Ancients has lobotomised them of everything but bitterness and hate. The Hylden General himself has fared slightly better, conveying sadness when he explains to Kain about their lost "former beauty", but such moments are overshadowed by his intense rage and mental instability.

This contrasts greatly with the Builder, the character encountered in Blood Omen 2 who is the only absolutely confirmed member of the Hylden race to have been spared the Demon Dimension. In unclear circumstances the Builder was sent to the Eternal Prison millennia ago, a sentence that somehow spared him the Pillars' wrath. When Kain meets him, we see that the Builder has a more elegant appearance than the post-banishment Hylden, with organic eyes and an expressive face. He is of course significantly emaciated due to his horrific mistreatment by the prison jailers, but is nonetheless significantly less horrifying than the other Hylden seen in the game. When he speaks, it is apparent that despite the multitude of horrors he has endured, The Builder is capable of conveying a range of emotions. He shows regret, guilt, surprise and sadness during his encounter with Kain:

"Drink from me, vampire, and use my life's blood to kill that which I created out of arrogance and pride. Kill me so that the Mass will die, and the Device will be destroyed."

— The Builder, Blood Omen 2

Despite his imprisonment and torture, The Builder still wants to make a difference and save Nosgoth from The Device. To this end he begs for Kain to drink his blood, and allows himself to die for a greater cause. The character teaches us that before the Hylden's banishment, at least some members of the race were capable of selflessness and nobility. These traits have been seemingly burnt out of the species entirely by the Demon Dimension.

the Seer's physical appearance and ability to convey a range of emotions makes her far more comparable to The Builder than the other Hylden seen in Blood Omen 2, and further evidence that she too was somehow able to escape the exile of their race.

Story Speculation - Vorador's favour?

Recall the scene in which Vorador sends Kain to meet the Seer:

"I have heard tell of strange discoveries deep underground. Ancient legends speak of huge machines deep in the earth, left by the Gods in aeons past. And I know of one who can tell us the truth of this matter. She is a Seer, a being said to be older even than I. We are fortunate in that she owes me a favour. Go to her Kain, and learn what she knows."

— Vorador, Blood Omen 2

Considering what we know now about the Hylden and their nemeses the Ancients, these comments by Vorador are extremely puzzling. Vorador's Mansion contained statues of bound Hylden, which had to be impaled for certain areas to be accessed. This would suggest that Vorador views the Hylden with the same hatred that Janos and the rest of the Ancients possess. The statues would also suggest that Vorador is familiar with Hylden physiology, and would have therefore likely recognised the Seer as a member of this enemy race. His acknowledgement of her advanced age would seem to confirm that Vorador indeed knows what she is.

It seems somewhat contradictory then, that Vorador speaks of this Hylden as a friend and ally, and as a person that somehow owes him a favour. This is very challenging to reconcile.

Let us consider what little we know of Vorador's resurrection, and the differences in his personality before and after his apparent death:

  1. The vampire Vorador lives as a recluse in a mansion buried in the hostile and impenetrable Termogent Forest. In these decadent surroundings he waits out eternity, amusing himself by brutally torturing humans in his basement in the most horrific ways.
  2. The Vampire Hunter militia raids the Mansion, and use Moebius' vampire- debilitating staff to incapacitate and capture Vorador. Seemingly resigned to his fate, he is beheaded by guillotine.
  3. Vorador's ambiguous resurrection takes place.
  4. Vorador undergoes a dramatic shift in personality, and pledges to aid Kain in his conquest of Nosgoth. He sires an army of vampires to serve as Kain's army, and is considered by Kain to be "a reformed sado-hedonist".
  5. Kain, Vorador and their army slaughter their way through settlements in southern Nosgoth, blazing a path to the capital of Meridian. The battle for the city begins.
  6. Kain is struck down by the Sarafan Lord, and the battle for Meridian is quickly lost. Vorador flees into Meridian city and goes into hiding.
  7. Vorador spends two hundred years creating a minimal resistance movement of vampires, gathering intelligence and waiting for Kain to recover from his injuries.

To this day we do not understand how and why Vorador was resurrected. What we can observe however, is that this process apparently had a consequence for the old vampire - a dramatic shift in personality and priorities. The post-execution Vorador is mannered, calm, benevolent, proactive, and has gone from condemning Kain's "meddling in the affairs of man" to playing a vital role in Kain's army of conquest. He has gone from torturing humans in his basement and allowing Kain to kill his "brides", to condemning Kain as a "monster" for his execution of the impulsive Umah. He is very much a different man. Did his experiences beyond death shake him out of his complacency, perhaps? Or was the trauma of death and resurrection so vast, that he is experiencing some vampire equivalent of personality disorder? We can even consider the possibility that the resurrection was not performed correctly, and resulted in a revived Vorador so different in temperament that he may as well be a completely different person.

Vorador's hatred and bitterness seems to be significantly tempered by the time of Blood Omen 2, and it may be that he is able to put aside the hatred for the Hylden inherited from Janos and the Ancients. He may have met the Seer during Kain's two century slumber, and recognised in her a usefulness and honour that transcended his Hylden prejudice. Learning of her age and origins, the reformed Vorador was apparently able to develop a respect and trust for the Seer.

We may never know the nature of the "favour" the Seer owes to Vorador. However, from our look at Vorador's former reclusiveness and later reformation, it seems likely that this favour was earned during Vorador's Blood Omen 2 incarnation. This would suggest that the Seer is active in Nosgoth in the time following the collapse of the Pillars, during the centuries that Kain is recovering from his injuries received from the Sarafan Lord. During this time, she is presumably advancing a private agenda that is as yet unexplored.

Story Speculation - A powerful ally?

The Seer demonstrated considerable, somewhat understated power during her encounter with Kain. Consider her surroundings, a fragile wooden shack in the demonic canyons, completely intact in an extremely hostile environment. The demons have left her dwelling remarkably unscathed in their otherwise indiscriminate destruction. Two possibilities are suggested: The first is that any demons approaching the structure are immediately destroyed by her power. The second is that she has some has some influence over the demonic thrall, and is able to keep them away through application of magic or sheer force of will. Such powers would seem to outclass the other Hylden seen in Blood Omen 2 who were usually attacked by such demons on sight. The Seer's ability to control demonic life would suggest her powers are comparable to Azimuth the Planar, the powerful guardian of the Pillar of Dimension.

The Seer provided a more overt demonstration of power when she transported Kain across Nosgoth at the end of their encounter, materialising him in the heart of Meridian and directly before the entrance to the Device. Given that we know the Hylden were able to raise teleportation-inhibiting shields on their most vital complexes (as they did with the Hylden City), and considering the Device entrance is unguarded, it seems very probable that such shielding may have been in place here. If the Seer was able to transport Kain through this shielding, then her powers would exceed those of both Janos Audron and Vorador, who required Kain to take down the Hylden City's shielding manually before they could teleport to his location.

When Kain enters her shack, the Seer knows who he is without turning around. One possibility is that she is telepathic and read his intent, but given her title it seems more likely that she has insight into future events. Recall her final exchange with Kain:

The Seer: He has found you, your destiny draws even closer. I will transport you to the Device, from there use your newfound ability to gain entrance.

Kain: What of you Seer? Escape with me! I'm in need of allies.

The Seer: Am I your ally? My fate lies along a different path. Goodbye, Kain.

Blood Omen 2, Chapter 7: The Canyons

There is a complete lack of surprise in her voice when the Hylden General appears and begins his onslaught. This could suggest that she knew in advance that this attack would take place. The Seer then confirms to Kain that she possesses foreknowledge of her own personal "fate" and the "different path" of her future. Such foreknowledge of future events would make her powers comparable to the ubiquitous Moebius the Time Streamer.

We do not see the Seer in any form of direct confrontation in Blood Omen 2, so we have no evidence of her physical strength, endurance and magical combat prowess. It is certainly interesting that when the Hylden General appears, she says "he has found you" to Kain, and not "he has found us". She does not seem to consider herself at risk from the Hylden General, and her actions are entirely calculated to protect Kain and not herself. Could she be so powerful that the General is unable to harm her?

The last power she demonstrates is an eclectic one, the ability to configure her own blood to infuse Kain with a potent new enhancement. Kain feeds from the Seer at her demand, and earns the power of telekinesis. Given that blood consumption does not normally pass on new abilities to vampires, and that Kain feeds off numerous other Hylden in Blood Omen 2 without incident, it seems possible that the Seer is somehow able to manipulate her own blood to specifically pass on abilities. Blood with such enhancing properties has only ever been seen in one context, within the various hidden blood fountains in the original Blood Omen. These fountains were extremely old and powerful places, apparently possessing their own form of sentience (demonstrated when they repeatedly speak to Kain). It is interesting that the Seer is able to replicate their function.

If we take all of these powers into account, then it seems very probable that the Seer is an extremely powerful creature. The feats shown in her short encounter with Kain suggest a being whose power is comparable to the great sorcerers of the Circle of Nine. It is clear that she is a considerable player in the world of Nosgoth. Her unrevealed intent could make her a powerful ally for Kain, or a very dangerous enemy.

Story Speculation - A second Hylden faction?

The Hylden General's rage towards the Seer was evident:

"Bathe them in fire! Let them learn - as they writhe in the flames and their bones dissolve - the futility of their actions!"

— The Hylden General/The Sarafan Lord, Blood Omen 2, Chapter 7: The Canyons

The General's reference to ongoing supposedly-futile "actions" suggests that the Seer represents a second faction of Hylden, one that is actively opposing his planned genocide. Consider that the Seer appears to be a Hylden spared the madness and corrosion of the Demon Dimension, and that various other concept pieces from The Dark Prophecy seem to introduce us to other non-corrupted Hylden such as the War Lords and the Hylden King. The possibility becomes apparent that somehow, a group of Hylden were able to protect themselves from the banishing effects of the Pillars, and remain in Nosgoth.

In the same way that the Eternal Prison was able to protect the Builder, could a structure have been made during the final days of the Ancient and Hylden War that was designed to protect its occupants from the inevitable activation of The Pillars of Nosgoth? A group of Hylden (including the Seer, the War Lords, the Hylden King, and others) may have sought refuge in this magical bunker, while the rest of their race was banished. Over the millennia this faction of surviving Hylden may have hibernated, waiting for the eventual day of the Pillars collapse, an event that would allow them to safely emerge back into the world.

The result would be a faction of preserved and sane Hylden, with an agenda different to their insane and monstrous kin who have been mentally and physically degenerated by their banishment in the Demon Dimension. The Seer would therefore be advancing the agenda of this pure Hylden group, and such an agenda would apparently involve cooperation with Vorador and Kain.

Story Speculation - The Hylden War Lord of Time

Let us summarise what we have discussed so far:

  1. The Seer is likely a Hylden who was somehow spared the rigours of the Demon Dimension.
  2. She is active in Nosgoth during the Hylden occupation of Meridian in Blood Omen 2. There are no records of her at any point before or after these events.
  3. She has met Vorador at least once, and was able to earn his respect and trust.
  4. She has significant powers including: sight into the future, knowledge of her own personal timeline, the ability to configure her own blood, extremely potent teleportation powers, and possibly influence over demons.
  5. She seems to represent a concern that opposes the Hylden General's intent of genocide.

With these assertions, we can begin to construct a working theory that explains the Seer's origins and agenda, incorporating speculated events from The Dark Prophecy with known events from Blood Omen 2. There is substantial guesswork here, and speculation from numerous other essays has been included. The piece is best treated as a highly-speculative attempt to fill the gaps in the story and resolve unanswered questions.

  1. Nosgoth is home to three major species: the Ancients, a society of mystics that control the territories to the north; the Hylden, a society of scientists and academics that control the territories to the south; and the humans, a primitive civilisation living in scattered tribes across the land. It is a period of prolonged peace.
  2. The Hylden reach a point in which their scientific advancements allow them to achieve biological immortality. The Ancients, who worship the cycle of death and rebirth known as "the Wheel of Fate", abhor the Hylden's escape from mortality. With the blessing of their God, the Ancients condemn the Hylden. Tensions begin to rise between the two species.
  3. The Ancients present the Hylden with an ultimatum: submit to the Wheel of Fate, or be forced to. The Hylden are defiant, and The Ancients launch a fevered holy crusade to deprive the Hylden of their immortality by any means necessary.
  4. The Hylden are able to repel the initial onslaught, and a long and bloody war begins to dominate Nosgoth. The humans have little understanding of these battles between the elder races, and many die as collateral damage.
  5. The Ancients adjust their structure of governance to one more conducive to the war effort. The most powerful Ancient sorcerers in eight magical fields form a leadership committee called the Circle. The fields of mind, dimension, conflict, nature, energy, time, states and death are the metaphorical pillars of this Circle, with a ninth balancing member taking on a role of supervision and arbitration. The entire Ancient race funnels their magic into these sorcerers, allowing them to turn the raw magical alignments of Nosgoth against the Hylden.
  6. The Hylden discover that they are at a massive disadvantage, and begin to endure heavy losses. Through biological manipulations, cloning and accelerated growth, the race of scientists is able to produce their own equivalent of the Circle. This genetically engineered council comes to be known as the War Lords, with the Hylden monarch acting as the balance.
  7. With both the Hylden and Ancients able to control Nosgoth's raw magical alignments, the war reaches a stalemate with neither side able to dominate. The fighting continues for decades, completely ravaging the land. The Ancient Circle Sorcerer of Conflict uses the Soul Machine to animate stone golems to attack Hylden territories. Countering this, the Hylden War Lord of Dimension works with Hylden scientists to engineer a vast portal into a parallel realm, with the intention of recruiting the demonic thrall within. Armies of demons are unleashed onto the Ancients.
  8. The Hylden discover that the religious fervour of the Ancients makes them nearly impossible to successfully interrogate when captured. Even the War Lord of Mind is unable to significantly penetrate and extract information from their enemies.
  9. Studies of the parallel realm (now known as the Demon Dimension) reveal that in its burning green skies, rocks of exotic ore float with complete disregard for the laws of reality. An elevator is engineered deep in the Hylden City to mine this exotic ore. The Hylden discover that the material seems to inhibit time itself.
  10. The exotic ore is used to construct a vast interrogation and imprisonment facility in southern Nosgoth, producing walls that are able to block out time and reality itself. This "Eternal Prison" is used to hold Ancient prisoners, forcibly severing them from their cycle of death and rebirth, breaking their will and religious fervour, and depriving them of death completely. The Hylden War Lords of Mind and Death engineer brutal overseers to facilitate the deconstruction of the Ancient prisoners' faith. These guardians employ isolation, mutilation, torture and repeated resurrection to break the minds of their victims. For the first time, The Hylden are able to extract meaningful intelligence from their Ancient prisoners. As well as learning significant tactical information that will aid the Hylden war effort, the Hylden come to understand that there is no fate more feared by the Ancients, that being cut off from their God.
  11. The otherworldly construction materials of the Eternal Prison begin to distort the reality within, making the facility far bigger inside than out. The prison eventually becomes pandemonium, a pocket demonic reality within Nosgoth in which time has no meaning. The Ancient prisoners are tortured for so long, their flesh eventually fails completely, transforming them into undying poltergeists that are forever bound to the diabolic reality with the prison.
  12. The Hylden are fascinated by the pocket dimension they have created, and deposit hundreds of disposable humans into the Eternal Prison to monitor the results.
  13. The Hylden War Lord of Nature senses a gargantuan life form beneath an area of land near Nosgoth's southern coast. He believes that the creature may be a survivor of Nosgoth's apparently extinct dragon race, which the Hylden had long sought as a resource for the war. Digging into the earth, they discover the creature is something else entirely, an immeasurably old entity so advanced in years that it seems to have lost its mind. The creature, immensely powerful but with no will of its own, is named "the Mass" after its bulky appearance.
  14. As the war continues, the Hylden War Lord of Time has visions of a great battle in the far future, in which an Ancient champion will fight a Hylden champion for the victory of their respective races. She conveys this to the council of War Lords, and the Hylden King authorises the construction of great Glyph Altars to help enhance their future champion. The War Lord of Time begins to be referred to as "the Seer".
  15. The conflict continues to ravage Nosgoth, and the Ancients and Hylden become societies of total war, with every resource being used to exterminate their enemies. The weapons and spells implemented become exponentially more destructive. The War Lord of Conflict (known as Hash'ak'gik, the Hylden General) begins to directly manage and deploy the ground forces of the Hylden race.
  16. The Hylden War Lord of Nature works with the War Lords of Mind, Death, Energy and States to engineer plans for a colossal machine with the Mass as its central component. The machine would channel the mental power of the Mass across Nosgoth, forming a wave of death that would annihilate all non-Hylden life. Desperate for a victory, the plan is authorised and the weapon comes to be known as the Device.
  17. Thousands of humans are enslaved as labour, and a settlement is made for them on the plain of land above the Mass. The humans name their new home "Meridian", and work tirelessly on completing the Device. The War Lord of Nature supervises construction, and comes to be referred to as "the Builder".
  18. As construction advances, the War Lord of Nature (The Builder) begins to question the impending genocide that The Device will cause. These doubts begin to consume him, leading him to attempt to poison the Mass. The Hylden War Lord of Time (the Seer) sees this in advance, and prompts the War Lord of Conflict (Hash'ak'gik) into intercepting the poisoning.
  19. The Builder is stripped of his powers and title as War Lord, and deposited in the Eternal Prison for treason. The rest of the War Lords attempt to complete The Device, but without The Builder's input progress is slowed significantly.
  20. The Seer has a devastating vision of an Ancient victory, in which nine great Pillars will rise and banish the Hylden into the Demon Dimension. She shares this with the council of War Lords, and it is agreed that the leadership of the Hylden civilisation must be protected if this event comes to pass. Recalling what they learned during construction of the Eternal Prison, the Hylden mine more of the exotic ore from the Demon Dimension and use it to construct a magical subterranean bunker that they theorise will be protected from the Ancients weapon.
  21. The Hylden King and the War Lords take refuge in the bunker, with the exception of Hash'ak'gik, who insists on leading the Hylden soldiers in a final offensive against the Ancients. The armies of the Hylden fight a battle of the last stand to try and prevent the activation of the Pillars.
  22. The Ancients summon The Pillars of Nosgoth into the world, and the nine Ancient Circle sorcerers are bonded to its magical functions. The Pillars project a magical wave across the land, banishing the Hylden race into the tortuous Demon Dimension. In unclear circumstances, the Hylden use their final moments to implement a counterattack, launching a biological weapon into Ancient territory that curses their enemies with vampirism and immortality.
  23. Protected in their magical subterranean bunker, the War Lord of Balance (The Hylden King), the War Lord of Time (the Seer), the remaining War Lords and their protectors are unable to leave, for to do so would cause their immediate banishment from the world. With no other option but to wait out history, they enter a prolonged period of suspended animation, to awake only when the Pillars cease functioning.
  24. In the Demon Dimension, the War Lord of Conflict (The Hylden General Hash'ak'gik), is functional leader of the banished Hylden. Together, they suffer the ravages and madness of the Demon Dimension, and an increasing bitterness festers towards the Hylden King for their perceived abandonment.
  25. History plays out over millennia. Ancient society collapses entirely and the humans dominate Nosgoth. The Hylden General and his civilisation lose their minds and bodies to the Demon Dimension, becoming twisted creatures of rage and hate. The surviving pure Hylden continue to sleep hidden completely from the world.
  26. Eventually the Pillars begin to weaken as the human Guardians prove unfit to serve. The Hylden General is able to project his consciousness back into Nosgoth for brief periods. He focuses his will on the necromancer Mortanius, eventually forcing his body to murder the balance guardian Ariel. This sets into motion a theatre of events that collapses the Pillars of Nosgoth, as seen in Blood Omen.
  27. The Hylden General (in the body of Janos Audron) begins to slowly lead his people back into the world. He has become the absolute dictator of the banished Hylden, and sees the Hylden King and the rest of the War Lords as their enemies.
  28. The Hylden King, the War Lords and their protectors wake from their millennia-long slumber. The War Lord of Time (the Seer) begins to understand that some extremely complicated time-travel has been distorting events. The War Lord of Mind senses the presence of the Hylden General and his troops, and realises that their banishment in the Demon Dimension has rendered them utterly mad. He senses that they harbour great resentment towards the Hylden King for a perceived abandonment of them. The Hylden King as War Lord of Balance, begins to sense the presence of the Scion of Balance, and tries to understand what his agenda is.
  29. The War Lord of Time begins to understand who the Elder Kain is, and his pivotal role in the destiny of Nosgoth. She comes to understand that Kain intends to destroy the Wheel of Fate completely, regardless of the possibly apocalyptic consequences. She explains this dark prophecy to the Hylden King and the rest of the War Lords. It is agreed that The War Lord of Time will meet with the elder Kain, and direct him towards the Hylden General's foothold in Malek's Bastion.
  30. The opening events of The Dark Prophecy occur. The Hylden War Lord of Time meets with Kain at the Pillars of Nosgoth, and introduces herself as the Seer. She explains The Dark Prophecy she has foreseen, and directs Kain to Malek's Bastion.
  31. The events of The Dark Prophecy conclude in unclear circumstances. The Hylden King's faction (including the Seer) work to manipulate Kain while opposing the Hylden General's faction.
  32. Centuries later, the Seer understands that she is part of the elder Kain's personal history, and must intervene so that the younger Kain survives the events of Blood Omen 2. She manipulates circumstances so that she meets Vorador, and requests his help with an engineered scenario. Vorador aids her, and the Seer promises him a favour.
  33. The events of Blood Omen 2 occur. The Seer takes up residence in a wooden shack in the canyons, and uses her considerable magical abilities to ward off the demons. Vorador dispatches the young Kain to her for advice, and the Hylden General discovers them both. The Seer gives the younger Kain the power he needs to stop the Hylden General and destroy the Device, and teleports him away.
  34. The Seer attempts to interact with her former colleague and friend the Hylden General, but his madness and rage make this impossible. She teleports away before he can harm her.
  35. The Seer eventually meets her "fate".


The piece of concept art that may be the Seer were found in the DeviantArt account of Andez Gaston, and was later published on his official blog.

Andez and his brother Anderson were freelance conceptual artists hired by Ritual Entertainment in 2004 to work on The Dark Prophecy. Andez confirms his work on the game on their joint portfolio blog site, on his individual portfolio, and in image annotations in his DeviantArt account:

Dark prophecy (cancelled game of 04)

while scoping YouTube I manage to run into a video of a project quite familiar and it brought back memories when we were still brother and I had just been hired at a video game company at the time which was still known as ritual entertainment to work on a game that many people knew very well. though nothing came to fruition that project was to be legacy of Kain: Dark Prophecy for the PS2. for those of you interested in seeing some of the character/creature designs click on the link below


Ritual Enertainment-The Dark Prophecy(cancelled Game)concept artists (ag/dez) 2003-04


Dark Prophecy concept art

concept art done during our time at the company once known as ritual entertainment. for what was supposed to be the final chapter in the Kain series. The game was later cancelled for reasons unknown if given the chance i would work on this again in a heartbeat.-

Legacy of Kain:Dark Prophecy game art(cancelled) the non interesting stuff about game development art. If you're planning to work in games be prepared to do a lot of breakaway concept art and props.

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