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Defiance PC Patch version 1.1

article by Ben Lincoln


This is a patch installer which will bring the North American PC release of Defiance up to the same level as the European release. While it was produced by the same team that made the game, it is NOT officially supported. If you have trouble with the game after installing it, do not email Eidos or Crystal Dynamics for help. Reinstall the game from your original CDs.

Fixes that this patch includes:

Feel free to host this file on your own website, as long as it remains unchanged. A link back to The Lost Worlds would be appreciated.

If you have any version of the game other than the US retail release, do not install this patch. Your version of the game already incorporates all of the changes in it, including the cheat codes.

File Size Version Release Date Author
Unsupported Patch for Defiance 2 MiB 1.1 2004-02-09 Crystal Dynamics
For the US retail PC version of Defiance only. All other versions already incorporate this patch.
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