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article by Ben Lincoln

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1000 Game Heroes   Book 2002
Images: Front Cover - Blood Omen section - Blood Omen section - Soul Reaver section
Published by Taschen, this book profiles numerous videogame characters. It includes entries for the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series, with artwork from the second episode of each.
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Legacy of Cain   Book 1971
Images: Front Cover - Title Page
This is a very thick (approximately 3" thick) book of stage play scripts titled Scripts 1: Monthly of Plays and Theatre Pieces. The first entry is a 12-page work named "Favela Project #1: Christmas Cake for the Hot Hole and the Cold Hole" - translated into English from the original Portugese. It was intended to be the first of 150 (!!) plays in the "Legacy of Cain" series. The name is apparently a reference to the Biblical Cain, and its socialist/communist story is not actually related to the Legacy of Kain series. This particular copy previously belonged to a real library and has an old-school replacement binding whose addition removed any cover art that may have originally been present.
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