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The Sanctuary of The Clans

article by Ben Lincoln


No official concept art or screenshots of this Defiance deleted material have been released. If you wish to contribute your own artwork depicting it, please send a copy in PNG or JPG format to fanart@thelostworlds.net.

A prototype version of The Sanctuary of The Clans is believed to have been built with the deleted A Return to the Soul Reaver Era chapter in mind. This recreation of "the seat of Kain's empire" - the fortress built around his throne on the ruins of The Pillars of Nosgoth - would have taken advantage of the vastly superior graphics capabilities of Defiance, and far surpassed its depiction in Soul Reaver.

No imagery of this prototype area is currently known to exist.

[ Fan art by Raina Audron ]
Fan art by Raina Audron
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