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Deleted Town with a Well

article by Ben Lincoln


Hallfiry sent me a promotional trailer from 1996 featuring multiple Crystal Dynamics games. There are several clips from Blood Omen. They are clearly from an alpha build of the game, because they feature the Five-Tier Magic Meter. One of the clips takes place in an unknown town with a well. The only known well of this type is next to one of the Deleted Outposts in the build from 12 July 1996, and it is not next to a stone inn as in this video.

"BMG Xmas" 1996 Screenshot
[ The well, next to a building ]
The well, next to a building



Nothing else is known of this area at this time.

File Size Author
"BMG Xmas" 1996 Crystal Dynamics Trailer 60 MiB Crystal Dynamics
This video, provided by Hallfiry, was discovered on a BMG promotional CD-ROM from Christmas 1996. It includes footage from Blood Omen featuring the five-tier magic meter and an unknown deleted area. The formal name of the trailer is currently unknown. The original file is named CD.MOV, and the BMG CD-ROM's label is bmgxmas.
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