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A Traitor in The Circle

article by Ben Lincoln


One of the unused sets of dialogue in the Blood Omen data file is a lengthier version of the argument between Anarcrothe and Mortanius which occurs near the end of the game.

In this "uncut" dialogue, Anarcrothe accuses him of being "The Circle's traitor". Mortanius responds by explicitly acknowledging his role as Ariel's murderer, then explaining at length his motivations for the rest of his actions in the story.

It seems likely that this dialogue was removed from the game because it is redundant - everything that needs to be conveyed is also included in the cinematic where the two fight.

[ Mortanius argues with Anacrothe ]
Mortanius argues with Anacrothe
Audio Reconstruction
File Size Author
Mortanius argues with Anacrothe 605 KiB SK/CD
Unused audio extracted from Blood Omen, arranged by Ben Lincoln
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