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article by Ben Lincoln, software by Ben Lincoln and Andrew Fradley


For developers interested in being able to write their own extractor/converter/trainer utilities, I present a collection of the source code to the following applications which I've written over the years:

Applications marked with an asterisk (*) make use of the older "managed DirectX" API, which was never made available in a 64-bit edition. In order to build and use these, you must set up the project to target x86 CPUs if you are performing the build on a 64-bit platform. You must also have DirectX installed, of course.

This source code is provided as a single package because most of the utilities reference shared libraries. The complete list of shared libraries (not all utilities reference all of them) is:

These are all .NET 2.0 applications, written using Visual Studio 2005, although they should compile just fine in later versions of Visual Studio. You may need to set up the projects to target .NET 2.0 instead of later versions of the framework, but I don't think this is the case. They will be less fun to work with in the Express editions of Visual Studio, because most of them were built as "solutions" that use multiple "projects" to hold associated DLLs, and one of the limitations of the Express editions are that they don't allow multiple projects to be open at a time.

This code was generally written between 2006 and 2007, so in places may be somewhat primitive, but it is functional, and provides the best technical reference I know of for decoding some of the proprietary file formats used by the Legacy of Kain games.

All of the code I wrote is distributed under version 3 of the GPL. Andrew's code is not distributed under any particular license.

Note: to use a custom-compiled Soul Spiral to its full potential, you will need the hashed filename lookup text files included with the release version of that software. Place them in the same directory as your compiled executable.

Source code for the Blood Omen Decompressor is available separately, in that article. These text files are not included in the source code package.

Source code for Andrew Fradley's Blood Omen Trainer, ModelEx, and Scales of Anarcrothe are available separately, in those articles.

Source code for Project X (by Aragorn, Son of Arathorn) is available separately, in that article.

File Size Version Release Date Author
The Lost Worlds Source Code Collection Volume 1 4 MiB 1.0 2012-02-20 Ben Lincoln and Andrew Fradley
The source code to every application I've created for publication on this site, up until 20 Feburary 2012. All code (with the exception of the library by Andrew Fradley) is licensed under version 3 of the GPL.
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