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Blood Omen Decompressor

software and article by Ben Lincoln


This is a command-line utility for decompressing the .CTM (compressed TIM) and .CMP (compressed map) files extracted from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain's PILL.BIG file by Soul Spiral. The TIM files can then be viewed by any software that supports that image format (such as PSound - see PSound and SoundReaver 2 - or PSXMC). There are no viewers available for the map files as of this writing.

This utility will not decompress any other type of file, even if it has a .CTM or .CMP extension. These files use a variant of the LZ77 algorithm which is specific to Blood Omen. Some LucasArts SCUMM engine-based games use the same algorithm[1], but the header format of those files is not the same, so this utility cannot be used to decompress them.

The .CTM files are used as the tiles for the various areas in the game. The .CMP files have the layout information for the tiles. This means that the appearance of the decompressed GRPnnnnn.TIM files will often be "jumbled", because they are simply sets of building blocks, and not intended to be coherent images of their own.


Known Issues:

Example Images
[ Conquered Nosgoth Map ]
Conquered Nosgoth Map
[ Soul Reaver Room ]
Soul Reaver Room
[ Wraith Armour Room ]
Wraith Armour Room

These were pieced together by hand from several tile images.

File Size Version Release Date Author
Blood Omen Decompressor 33 KiB 1.0 2010-04-30 Ben Lincoln
Incorporates decompression code based in part on DeGob - GobEngine Script disassembler.
1. This is why I was able to use some of the ScummVM code as a reference.
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