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Extract the Music from Defiance for the PC

article by Ben Lincoln and Alexey Kragin


This process allows the conversion of nearly all of the music in Defiance (including "Ozar Midrashim") to WAV format, which can then be converted to Ogg Vorbis, mp3, or the other format of your choice using tools like Audacity.

You will need:

Extraction/conversion process:

  1. Use Soul Spiral to open the file bigfile.dat which is located in the main install folder for the game.
  2. Use Soul Spiral's Export All functionality to extract the contents of the bigfile. This may take some time.
  3. Place the convert.bat file and mul2wav.exe in the pcenglish folder which was created by the Soul Spiral export.
  4. Double-click the convert.bat file, then wait until it is complete.
File Size Version Release Date Author
Defiance Music Conversion Batch File 1 KiB 1.0 2006-10-15 Ben Lincoln
Requires MUL2WAV. See Extract the Music from Defiance for the PC.
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