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Raina Audron

article by Raina Audron


I'm from the Slovak Republic and have been a fan of the series since 1998.

Ever since I read an article about Soul Reaver in a gaming magazine, I was immersed in its dark story with great gameplay. When I discovered TLW, I was surprised by the amount of deleted areas and dialogue from the game and researched each area in Soul Reaver in-depth. TLW inspired me to make videos out of the deleted stuff for my YouTube channel and in general, contribute to the LOK community as much as I can.

I have extensively researched the beta versions of Soul Reaver in comparison to the retail version. I worked as an artist for fan projects such as Fall of Nosgoth, Legacy of Kain: Revival and Prodigal Sons. I also contributed a rip of the Soul Reaver soundtrack featuring all the tracks you can find in the retail and beta games of Soul Reaver.

[ Raina also has an extensive blog. —Ben Lincoln ]

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