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The most extensive revelation of deleted Soul Reaver material ever

Six months ago, I promised that in 2020, we'd be revealing more deleted Soul Reaver content than had ever been uncovered in the past. Now, see what my friends and I have brought you.

I've just published these brand-new videos to YouTube. You'll be able to download them here in about a week. I'll be adding content here between now and then as well - there are lots of additional screenshots and other material to be posted, but I'm out of time for now.

You can also download some nice, high-resolution images of several different versions of the world map on the World Map Evolution page. I'm in the process of creating those for every known build of the game.

Everyone involved in this effort has brought something different to the table today.

Raina Audron and Kevin Chatmajo have extensive video coverage of different aspects of the prototypes than what you'll find here, as well as recreations of deleted cinematics.

From Kevin specifically, see Soul Reaver: The Lost World (Contenido Eliminado), Soul Reaver - Priestess Animations (Deleted Content), and Soul Reaver: Turel Animations (Deleted Content).

The Legacy of Kain Wiki and The Serioli of Nosgoth have historical and technical coverage. We've also been given a new tool for building Crystal Dynamics bigfiles (Asunder No More, a tool for converting files between versions of the game (Recombobulator), and updated versions of Only Skin Deep and the Soul Reaver PC Texture Utility.

It was a very long road getting here. Thank you to:

  • Gh0stBlade
  • Kevin Chatmajo
  • Raina Audron
  • AesirHod
  • Aevum
  • Bazielim
  • Mama Robotnik
  • Eoghan Driver
  • Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
  • Amy Hennig
  • Daniel Cabuco
  • Seth Carus
  • Darklore / The Gaming Intelligence Agency
  • Andrew Vestal and Chris Johnston / GameSpot
  • Chris Slate / PSM
  • Peter Kwon
  • Everyone Who Helped Make Soul Reaver

Some of those people made their contribution years or decades ago, but without any of them, there's a good chance this never would have happened. Thank you all.

Much of the material I've introduced was created with the help of a custom toolchain that converts Soul Reaver object and terrain models for use in Blender. That toolchain is far from finished, but it's now available at Soul Reaver to Blender Conversion Toolchain. You'll need the newest release of Soul Spiral as well, and may benefit from the hacked version of ModelEx that I made to go along with it. I also realized I never actually released the Crystal Dynamics Hash Generator, so that's available now too.

Finally, I added a few different 1080P wallpaper images to the The History of The Lost Worlds article.

More maps, a few other fixes

Added brand-new, high-quality maps for the 1999-01-23, 1999-02-04, 1999-05-12, and 1999-06-01 prototypes of Soul Reaver to the World Map Evolution page. I'm in the process of creating those for every known build of the game.

Fixed a few formatting problems, and added a prerequisite pack to the ModelEx and Soul Reaver to Blender Conversion Toolchain pages that you'll need to run those tools.

More maps, continued

Added high-quality maps for the 1999-06-10, 1999,06-18, 1999-06-28, 1999-07-02, and 1999-07-14 prototypes of Soul Reaver to the World Map Evolution page, as well as a map of the PAL release build.

Fixed the Soul Reaver PC Texture Utility to include version 2.4 like it was supposed to back in May.

Corrected the text of a few Soul Reaver articles that slipped through the cracks in May. Began adding screenshots and video links to the same set of articles.

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