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Raziel Witnesses a Vampire Slaying

article by Ben Lincoln


This cinematic was originally placed early in the game, right before Raziel reaches the doors to The Pillars in the first era. Having remarked on the vast numbers of dead vampires in that era of Nosgoth's history, Raziel would have witnessed an actual killing, then attacked the crusaders who were responsible for it.

The character model of the vampire victim and the dialogue for this sequence is still present in the game's data file. A reconstruction of the audio and a screenshot of the vampire model are located at the end of this article.

According to former series director Amy Hennig, the vampire slaying cinematic was deleted because it didn't fit in well with the rest of the story. Apparently this was a matter of some debate among the Soul Reaver 2 team, as some of them attempted to sneak in another vampire cinematic after this one was cut (see Vampires). The dialogue as recorded was also deemed less than ideal; in particular, the "whuh-huh?!" exclamation of the vampire hunters became an in-joke at Crystal Dynamics.

More screenshots of the vampire victim are available in the Vampires article. A guide on how to Locate the Female Vampire in Soul Reaver 2 is also available. No screenshots or video are known to exist of the cinematic itself.

[ The vampire victim from the deleted cinematic ]
The vampire victim from the deleted cinematic
[ Some of the many victims of Moebius' crusade ]
Some of the many victims of Moebius' crusade
Audio Reconstruction
File Size Author
The Vampire Slaying 286 KiB CD/TLW
Based on unused audio extracted from Soul Reaver 2 and arranged by Ben Lincoln.
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