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Codes (Playstation 2)

article by Ben Lincoln


The Playstation 2 version of Soul Reaver 2 contains one "button" code - it is revealed to the player when the game is completed, and it unlocks the game's bonus material section. It is entered at the main menu of the game.

The artwork from this section (but not the videos) is available to PC gamers in the Legacy of Kain Series section.

Despite persistant information to the contrary, there are no other codes built into Soul Reaver 2. Many sites list a "Fire Reaver" code. Players who waste time entering it repeatedly will discover that it doesn't work because it's a hoax. The only way to cheat in Soul Reaver 2 is to use a cheat device (see Codes (Playstation 2 Cheat Device)), The Debug Menu, or hacked savegames (see Savegames (PC)).

Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 - All Versions) Author: Crystal Dynamics
Effect Code(s)
Unlock Bonus Material Left, Triangle,
  Right, Triangle,
  Down, Circle, X
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