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A Return to the Soul Reaver Era

article by Ben Lincoln


No official concept art or screenshots of this Defiance deleted material have been released. If you wish to contribute your own artwork depicting it, please send a copy in PNG or JPG format to fanart@thelostworlds.net.

The most significant planned element of Defiance which is not present in the final game is this final chapter in which Kain would have returned to the ruined Nosgoth of the future in which Soul Reaver was set.

It has not been revealed what his task there would have been, but it is logical to assume that the future era was where Kain would have finally redeemed the world which he had doomed at the end of Blood Omen. It is also likely that it is where his final battle with The Elder God would have taken place, as hinted at by their dialogue in the closing sequence of the retail game.

This chapter was deleted very early in the production process when it became clear that it could never be finished in time. No dialogue was ever written or recorded for it. It is believed that a prototype of The Sanctuary of The Clans was created with the Defiance game engine in mind, but no imagery of it has been released. It is unknown if concept art or models exist for any of the other areas of the future Nosgoth.

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Fan art by Asrael Shannara
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