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Deleted Dungeon (M51, S00 and S00)

article by Ben Lincoln


The 12 July, 1996 build of Blood Omen includes a deleted bonus item dungeon whose entrance is northeast of the Flay Spirit Forge, in the overworld map 01, section 81. The dungeon itself is map 51, sections 00 and 10. These section numbers do not exist in the 15 September or final builds of the game, although other sections of map 51 contain an assortment of other bonus areas. There are two paths to the dungeon entrance. The second cannot be used until the Mist Form is obtained. The entrance itself has a statue over it which is discussed in Mysterious Statues.

In the 12 July version, the dungeon is based on tile sets from Nupraptor's keep, including the giant skull door from the "brain floor mural" room (map 15, section 14). It contains a health upgrade and a magic energy upgrade.

An unused destination teleport pad is present in map 51, section 10, and the first chamber of that section has unusable doors on the east and west sides. Perhaps in an even earlier build of the game, this dungeon extended further.

Deleted Dungeon Rooms
[ Map 51, Section 00 ]
Map 51, Section 00
[ Map 51, Section 10 ]
Map 51, Section 10


Nupraptor's Keep Comparison
[ Map 15, Section 14 ]
Map 15, Section 14


File Size Author
Deleted Dungeon (M51, S00 and S10) (1996-07-12 Build) 43 MiB TLW/SK/CD
A video of the deleted dungeon occupying map 51 sections 00 and 10 in the 12 July, 1996 build of the game.
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