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Blood Omen Scripts

scripts by Kenneth McCulloch (et al), article by Ben Lincoln


Soon after the initial launch of The Lost Worlds, I was presented with photocopies of a pair of dialogue scripts used in the production of Blood Omen. I've had numerous requests over the years to make these available, but always resisted because I didn't want to cause trouble for the anonymous benefactor who gave them to me. For various reasons, I believe the "statute of limitations" has expired on these, and so I am releasing them into the wild on the tenth anniversary of this website (20 February, 2012).

These scripts are discussed in a little more detail in the The Library article Production Material. The scans are a little rough, and they have not been OCR'd (in order to avoid OCR errors that might corrupt the text), but they are fully-readable.

The "Cinematic Dialogue Script (+ Screenplay)" version 2.46 is dated 22 August 1995, and was written by Kenneth McCulloch, with additional work by Dan G. Chichester and Jim Curry.

The "NPC Recording Script" version 3.0 is dated 21 March 1996. The original version of the script was also written by Kenneth McCulloch, but this updated version is credited to Seth Carus and Sheatlel Sarao.

File Size Version Release Date Author
Blood Omen - Scripts 1 MiB 2.46 and 3.0 1995-08-22 and 1996-03-21 Kenneth McCulloch, et al
This zip file includes scans (in PDF format) of the Cinematic Dialogue Script (version 2.46), and NPC Recording Script (version 3.0).
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