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Divine Shadow

article by Ben Lincoln, photos by Bothan spies


Divine Shadow is a mysterious force located somewhere in England. He has been described alternately as "the Ra's Al Ghul of gamers", and "a one-man Wikileaks for the interactive entertainment industry" by entities who may or may not include BBC news reporters, Sir Richard Branson, and members of his elite international army of ninjas.

In addition to his incredible work unearthing The Dark Prophecy, he pioneered hacking Soul Reaver 2 savegame files (see Savegames (PC)), and was the first one to discover the iron armour/Soul Reaver mode hidden in Blood Omen 2.

You may also know Divine Shadow as "Mama Robotnik" on the Neogaf forums, where he is quite famous for exposing the "lost worlds" of other videogame series.

Divine Shadow can be contacted via the email address thedarkprophecyessays [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Divine Shadow
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Many Bothans died to bring us these rare photos of Divine Shadow.

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